Elected Officials

We’re proud to have members who serve the people of Albany County and champion common sense public policies.


Senator Chris Rothfuss

SD 09- Laramie
2015-2016 Senate Minority Floor Leader


Senator Rothfuss has served the people of SD09 since 2011 and currently sits on the Education Committee and the Minerals Committee as well as the Management Council. At home he is a Chemical Engineer and Consultant, and also teaches select courses at the University of Wyoming for the Honors Department. He is a father of three with his wife Heather. Senator Rothfuss earned a BA in International Studies from the University of Wyoming, an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wyoming, an MS in Applied Physics from the University of Washington, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington.



Representative Cathy Connolly

HD 13- Laramie

Representative Connolly has served the people of HD13 since 2009 and currently sits on the Rules Committee and the Appropriations Committee. At home she is the Department Head of the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at the University of Wyoming, and mother of one. She enjoys spending time with her fiance Julie and their dog. Representative Connolly earned a PhD in Sociology and a JD from the State University of New York at Buffalo.



Representative Charles Pelkey

HD 45- Laramie

Representative Pelkey is new to the Wyoming Legislature and currently sits on the Judiciary Committee. At home he is an attorney and father of two with wife Diana. Representative Pelkey earned a JD from the University of Wyoming in 2009.






Tim Sullivan and Tim Chesnut – County Commissioners

Grant Showacre – County Assessor

Jackie Gozalez – County Clerk

Peggy Trent – County Attorney

Linda Simpson – County Treasurer

David O’Malley – County  Sheriff

Jennifer Graham – County Coroner