Procedures for the Election of County Officers

Albany County Democratic Party – Election of Officers – 2017
The election of officers for the Albany County Democratic Party for the 2017/18 biennium will take place at the Central Committee Meeting on March 13, to be held at the West Laramie Firehouse (2374 Jefferson), starting at 6:00. Election to two-year terms will take place for 6 positions (which collectively constitute the Executive Committee of the County party): Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeeman, and State Committeewoman. Those elected as Chair, Vice-Chair, State
Committeewoman, and State Committeeman serve as the representatives for Albany County on the State Central Committee of the Wyoming Democratic Party.
The Albany County Central Committee, each member of which has one vote in the election of officers, consists of the individual Precinct Committeewomen and Committeemen. The precinct
committee members were either elected from their respective precincts in the Primary Election of August, 2016 or, where no candidate filed for that position, have since been appointed by the
County Chair (elected by the Central Committee in March, 2015) with the approval of the current Central Committee. The February meeting of the Central Committee will be the last opportunity
to fill any remaining vacancies prior to the March election of officers. Central Committee officers need not themselves be Precinct Committeewomen or Committeemen, but they must be registered Democrats in Albany County at the time of their election. Each member of the Central Committee has one vote in the election of officers. Members may vote in person or by proxy given to another registered Democrat in their precinct. No person may
vote more than one proxy, although a proxy may be voted in addition to the normal vote of a Precinct Committeeperson. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair of opposite gender is required if candidates so gendered are available. In order to accommodate this requirement, we will first elect a Chair, then open the floor to nominations of candidates of the opposite gender for the office of Vice-Chair. Only i
such are available, will the subsequent election of Vice-Chair be restricted to those candidates. At the March 13 meeting, the Chair will call for the report of the Nominating Committee, who
have identified an initial slate of qualified and willing candidates for each office. Additional nominations will be called for from the floor for the office of Chair. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by a supporter. Once all nominations have been received, and those nominations have been accepted by the person nominated, either in person or by written statement, nominations will be closed. Each candidate or one representative of that candidate will be invited to address the Central Committee for a maximum of 5 minutes if they so choose. Qualified electors will be identified and given a secret ballot upon which to mark their votes.
The results of that vote will be tallied by a committee appointed by the outgoing Chair, and the results announced. This process will then be repeated for the remaining five offices combined. Results will be tallied and the outcome announced at the meeting. Those newly elected will assume their offices immediately upon adjournment of the meeting atwhich they are elected.
[adopted February 13, 2017]