Become a PCP

What does a PCP do?

The precinct committee person is the most important person delivering the Democratic Party message to voters and delivering the concerns of voters to the party. They are also the elected representatives of the Democratic Party to their neighborhoods and the neighborhoods elected representative to the party. For many voters, the precinct committee people are the real presence of the Democratic Party they see and meet. The primary responsibilities of the precinct committee people are:

  • Represent the Democratic Party and its Democratic Party candidates in their precincts
  • Support the Precinct, District, County, and State party organization
  • Elect County Party Officers in the county party’s organizational meeting held in March of odd numbered years
  • Canvass and campaign in their precinct on behalf of all Democratic Party candidates
  • Suggest election board workers for Election Day
  • Assist in registering Democratic Party voters
  • Turn out a maximum Democratic Party vote on primary and general election days
  • Assist voters to vote early
  • Fill Democratic elected official vacancies
  • Attend meetings called by the local party organization


How do I become a PCP ?

You can either be elected or appointed.

By Election

Precinct committee people are elected at the primary election held every two years (August of even numbered years). Each term lasts two years and there are no term limits.

To get your name on the ballot, you must file a Declaration of Intention to become a Candidate with the County Clerk after May 16, but no later than May 31 in even-numbered years

Declaration of Intention Form


By Appointment

If no one is elected at the August primary, or if a position vacancy is otherwise created, the Democratic County Chair officially appoints precinct people. The appointment is then taken to the County Central Committee for approval. The Democratic County Chair officially appoints precinct people by writing a letter to the County Clerks office. Once you are appointed, you are an official precinct committee person and a member of the county party central committee just as if you had been elected.

For more information on becoming a Precinct Committee Person, please contact

Not sure what precinct you live in? Use the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Polling Locator to find out. Your voting district is your precinct.

Precinct Precinct Committeemen Precinct Committeewomen
13-1 Phil Roberts Sandra K. Werner
13-1 William Todd Sermon Sierra Johnson
13-2 Paul Weaver Christiane Dechert
13-3 Bern Hinckley Shirley Kingston
13-3 Bryon Lee Sue Wedel
14-1 Danny N. Walker Erin O’Doherty
14-1 Ed Paradis Lorraine Saulino-Klein
14-1 Grant C. Showacre Marian E.G. Showacre
45-1 Gary Wilken Bernice Burr-Wilken
45-1 VACANT Veronica Ledford
45-2 Zachary Spadt Courtney Amerine
45-2 VACANT Sonya Moore
46-1 VACANT Linda Lillegraven
46-2 Burt Muller Kennedy Penn-O’Toole
46-2 Tom Gaddis Sid Peters